What happens during a Lactation Consulting visit?

I love helping moms and babies work through issues in their breastfeeding relationship! A consult happens in a lovely, peaceful environment where we can spend time answering all your questions as well as caring for YOU, the new mom, as a person, and loving on your sweet baby.

I schedule consults for 75 minutes. Sometimes we don’t need all that time. Sometimes we run over. It is all about taking the time to care for you. The consult will be scheduled at a time that works for you, and when your baby is expected to need a feeding.

During this time we fill out paperwork (consent, privacy policy), then you tell me about your health, your birth, and your baby’s health. Next, we discuss what you are currently doing for feedings. Then, before the baby feeds, I assess the baby’s mouth and suck, weight, and assess the breasts. During the feeding, we will address problems and work together to find solutions to meet your breastfeeding goals. My goal is that you will leave with a workable plan and confidence to move forward! We will schedule follow up visits or phone calls as you need them.

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