Team Effort

At Lactation Care with Elizabeth, we partner with many other providers to help you and your baby move from struggling to surviving to thriving. Some families do great with just an IBCLC, others need to add one additional support, and sometimes we work together to create a team for success.

Your IBCLC will discuss options that will add support to your journey to meeting your breastfeeding goals.


Your baby’s pediatrician: We send them a fax summarizing our visits so they have the latest weight, weighted feed, and current feeding plan.

Your OB or midwife: We send them a fax summarizing our visits so they can support you with medical and emotional needs. We need their input on things like mastitis, low supply, and post-partum depression and anxiety.

Bodyworkers: Birth is hard on both a mama and a baby! A reset and adjustment can get all systems relaxed and functioning well. We love Katie Stewart for cranial sacral therapy, massage, and healing from birth trauma, plus the magic that can happen during combined appointments with both Elizabeth and Katie. Chiropractic is another form of bodywork that is gentle for babies and helps mamas realign after birth. See your favorite bodyworker or check on our resource page for people we have worked with and recommend.

Speech Therapy: Some babies need a little extra help learning how to use their mouths properly. The SLPs at The Speech Network specialize in infant oral-motor therapy and can move your baby to the next level of function for correct breast and bottle feeding.

Occupational Therapy: OTs help with overall regulation, tension patterns, baby massage, tummytime, and can support overcoming breast and bottle feeding challenges as well as transition to solids.

Dentists specializing in pediatric oral tie releases: If we assess your baby and find that they are struggling to feed because of restricted oral tissue, we will refer you to a dentist for diagnosis and treatment. We have providers we trust to provide excellent care and will discuss options with you. The Kentucky Tongue and Lip Tie Support Group on Facebook is a good resource as well.

Doulas: Doulas are not just for birth! Post Partum Doulas can provide in-home support as you transition into your new parenting role. Sometimes a good night of sleep helps everyone!

Pelvic Floor Therapists: Not only do these amazing therapists help with pelvic floor health, which affects your overall comfort and well-being, but some also provide breast ultrasound therapy to break up clogs and mastitis.

The old adage is true – it takes a village! It can seem overwhelming, but we can discuss goals and help create your team to support you in meeting your breastfeeding goals!

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