When Do I Need to Get Help with Breastfeeding?

Assistance from expert IBCLC, Elizabeth Stapleton


Whether this will be your first baby and you have questions about how breastfeeding will look, or if you struggled feeding a previous baby, a prenatal visit can set your mind at rest, address your concerns about breastfeeding, and help you make a plan for success. Also, pump choices can be overwhelming, and we can discuss the best options for your situation.


​-you want help with positioning

​-you want to know if your baby is transferring enough milk

​-your milk isn’t in by day 3

​-your baby isn’t having enough wet and dirty diapers; your baby is still having meconium stools at day 5.

​-your nipples are sore, cracked, bleeding, tender, hurting.  (Pain usually means something isn’t right.)

​-someone told you your baby is lazy, has a small mouth, or has a tongue or lip tie.

-you have any questions about lactation and breastfeeding

Plan ahead to achieve your breastfeeding goals when going back to work


-you need help planning for back to work

-you feel like your supply has decreased

-your baby won’t take a bottle

-you have questions about transition to solid food

-you are ready to wean, or night wean

-you want to learn about nursing past one year

SCHEDULE now to discuss your questions, concerns and review your goals for your breastfeeding journey. We can assist in any stage of the process and offer lactation support that includes pumping and bottle feeding. Schedule your initial appointment online, starting with a virtual intake appointment here.

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