Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays

Breastfeeding during the holidays can be a challenge! We hope you can thrive, not just survive.

Keep your breastfeeding goals in mind and remember these helpful hints during this festive season:

  • YOU are the parent and you know the best way to feed your baby. If someone has something to say more than “you are doing a great job parenting your baby”, tell them you are working with an IBCLC for feeding support.
  • -Support your milk supply! It is easy for baby to get passed around and to have grandma snuggle the baby extra long, so set your phone alarm and take the baby back for feedings, even if she is asleep. Use feeding times to reconnect with your baby, get some extra snuggles, and as a good excuse to avoid people you don’t want to talk to. Pump if you miss a feeding, or even add in an extra pump session or two to boost your supply.
  • Eat, drink, and be merry! Take advantage of extra hands to get a few minutes without the baby, relax, eat food you didn’t have to fix. Make sure to hydrate with water! Sage and peppermint can affect some people’s milk supply, so eat those in moderation. If you are drinking alcohol, as long as you can drive, you can feed your baby; no need to pump and dump.
  • Rest. You still have to get up at night to feed or pump, so find time to nap or sleep in or turn in early.
  • Snuggle your baby! Feeding and snuggling skin to skin will help support your supply, keep your baby secure and attached, and give you time to rest. Let other people do the work! Keep some water and a healthy snack handy.
  • Call for help. Our main line is always available, leave a message to receive a call back. If you are struggling with latch, supply, clogs or mastitis, or any other feeding issues, a virtual visit can get you back on track. Schedule online anytime and anywhere on our site

Enjoy the holidays, knowing that you are the best parent for your baby and are doing the best you can every day!

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