Engaging in Mindful Breastfeeding

I am so pleased to have completed my Mindful Breastfeeding Certification! This means I have training in intentionally adding mindfulness, emotional support, relaxation, and visualization into my lactation support practice. I have been doing some of these as your lactation consultant already. You know those times when I tell you to take a deep breath, feel your body in the chair, feel your love for your baby, feel confident in your body? That is part of mindful breastfeeding.

In our efforts to offer breastfeeding help and encourage clients on their breastfeeding journey, we want to address more than getting a good latch or flange fitting. What is exciting is that science backs up this mindful breastfeeding practice! Breastfeeding is controlled by an abundance of hormones, and if we can get more oxytocin and less cortisol by decreasing stress and increasing relaxation, it benefits your milk supply, as well as feeding and bonding with your baby! I will continue to incorporate more of these methods into our appointments and recommendations as well as practicing them myself!

Another way we provide support, in addition to lactation care, is through groups and classes. Our New Mom Circle will be a place to learn how to implement some of these techniques, so I hope you will join in to meet some new friends and have a chance to experience some relaxation!


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