Yay for 5 Years!

Five years of Lactation Care with Elizabeth in the books! And 1-2 years of those years were deemed “unprecedented” for various reasons. We are thankful to be here another year supporting and encouraging families as they progress on their breastfeeding journey (or multiple journeys for some).

It is hard to put into words what has been accomplished in 5 years. There has been much in the way of personal and professional development and change for our consultants. We have met so many parents and children. We have celebrated with newbies and graduates, shed tears, offered a shoulder to cry on or to hold a baby (someone may have even napped). We have done classes together, encouraged others through support groups, sponsored other industry professionals, and even did yoga together!

Looking at the numbers is humbling and inspires gratitude. According to our scheduling program, we have over 1000 client names (some of which have multiple babies now). We have seen tremendous growth since the first year with last year topping out at 1057 appointments that encompasses over 1000 hours. That is a lot of lactation support! This year we expanded our reach into the Richmond/Berea area through classes and appointments with Ashley. Thankfully, babies continue to be born despite current events, and we were able to maintain growth over the past two crazy years as well.

As we come upon the day to celebrate, we hope you’ll reminisce with us. We would love to see pics, before and after support, or born and weaned, or pumping, or feeding with a spoon successfully. Or just smiling faces of our wonderful clients who have made 5 years possible! More words and wisdom to come from our expert lactation consultants in the next few weeks. They continue to develop their skills, add in new approaches and options, and expand their reach in lactation support. They will be sharing about these new areas of interest and treatment soon!

Finally, YOU ARE ALL INVITED! Please come celebrate your lactation journey as we celebrate our 5th birthday. Join us at our office October 1st, 2022 from 10am – 12pm at 109 Dennis Drive in Lexington for goodies and giveaways, and hopefully just a good time!

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