Why Craniosacral Therapy in Treating Mothers and Babies?

I started sending babies to craniosacral therapy about 6 years ago. I noticed that babies who had good bodywork fed better, had better overall regulation, and were less tense. Then Katie started working on me and I felt better than I ever had.

What was this magic? It is called Craniosacral Therapy. CST works with the bones, fascial tissue, and underlying fluid pulses. The therapist listens or feels for restrictions and then encouragesrelease of the tension patterns. This is done with a light touch on the bones of the head, face, neck, spine, and sacrum.

Katie started mentoring me in CST about 18 months ago and I have since completed courses in CST, both by the Upledger Institute (CST 1 and 2) and Peirsman (the baby class.)

One of my favorite things is working together with Katie on a mom baby dyad. We do some work on mom to help her relax and release tensions from the birth experience and then we put baby on mom and unwind the baby. Sometimes the baby will show what it experienced through the birth process.

This is a healing process and a reset for when birth and the time after birth didn’t go as planned or hoped for. Sometimes it makes a dramatic difference, often it is a quiet change that shows up in the next few days or weeks with a more settled baby, a more confident mom, a stronger bond.

I have really enjoyed moving into this new modality and incorporating it into my lactation practice as well providing separate CST sessions. Let us know if you’re interested in incorporating this therapy into your treatment.


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