The Milk Bank

We are now a Milk Depot (we accept milk donations from approved donors) and a Milk Express (we dispense purchased milk to approved customers) in Lexington, Kentucky!

Through The Milk Bank, we are partnering with families with surplus & families with need to provide the logistics needed to facilitate milk supply & usage. The Milk Bank coordinates the safe exchange and processing of human milk.

Donated human milk helps support mother’s who cannot provide milk as they planned, to supplement, for medical necessity, for NICU babies, and many other planned and unplanned circumstances. Donating milk is rewarding for those with extra supply, extra stored, extra during weaning, or especially significant is in memory in the case of infant loss.

We will be posting more information for how to get involved – to donate and to purchase – but wanted to just get the information out there for now. Please email us at or call us at 859.832.0203. Visit The Milk Bank website as well.

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