Elizabeth A. Stapleton, RN, IBCLC

I have been providing private lactation services since 2011, when I became an IBCLC.

I meet individually with clients to help them meet their breastfeeding goals, and I love encouraging new families as they navigate the path of breastfeeding.

I breastfed my three children for a total of 7 years. I have been supporting new mothers professionally since 2001. In a hospital in Arlington, TX, I taught breastfeeding and childbirth classes and worked with breastfeeding moms. Since 2003, at UK, I have worked as a Mother Baby nurse and in UK’s lactation services. I have taught breastfeeding classes at Baby Moon since its founding. In 2011, I completed the requirements and passed the exam to qualify as an IBCLC. I renewed my IBCLC license in 2016 and continue taking continuing education classes in breastfeeding, most recently completing a training in Tethered Oral Tissues (tongue ties.)

Memberships and Training:

Kentuckiana Lactation Improvement Coalition

I am TOTS Trained!

Ashlee Brown, IBCLC

Ashlee is a Kentucky native, graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, and mother of two boys. She knows the struggles of breastfeeding firsthand, and was inspired to become an IBCLC after becoming certified in childbirth education. Ashlee completed her lactation internship at Prince William Medical Center in Virginia while teaching various parenting classes as a health educator. After finishing her internship, she worked as a lactation consultant at a Virginia pediatric office. Ashlee’s dream, though, was to return to Kentucky to help families back home. She is so excited to work with you!