Ultrasound Therapy for Clogged Ducts

Ultrasound is a great modality to help relieve clogged ducts and mastitis. Jordan at Kort Physical Therapy has been trained in using ultrasound for this purpose.

Healing from childbirth and achieving your breastfeeding goals can be a tough but rewarding journey. Our IBCLC’s can guide you in pain relief measures, dietary recommendations, and supplementation options to help with supply, clogged ducts and mastitis as well. Pain isn’t something you have to live with, we can help!

Check out our Resource and Breastfeeding Help page for more recommended providers to build your support team. Schedule a visit or give us a call for more information or help.

Visit our Services page to schedule your lactation appointment online. New clients should schedule a 30 minute virtual intake appointment first.

For more information about clogged duct treatment or pelvic floor work or to schedule an appointment, call KORT at 800-645-KORT.

How do I survive until I have an appointment?

I realize that sometimes it takes a few days to get in for an appointment.  How do you manage until then?

  • Skin to skin with baby.  Climb in bed with your favorite snacks, bottle of water, and your baby.  Snuggle in and enjoy!  Offer the breast whenever the baby nuzzles around looking to latch.
  • Feed the baby.  Offer the breast every feeding.  Try different positions.  Try supporting your breast.  Maybe even try a nipple shield (I like the Lansinoh brand better than Medela.) If you still can’t get baby to latch on your breast, feed with a syringe or bottle (slow flow Dr. Browns or Lansinoh.)  Babies need to eat AT LEAST 8 times in 24 hours.  It is NOT unusual for them to eat 12 or more times!  You will know your newborn (by 5-7 days old) is getting enough in if they are producing at least 5 wet and 5 dirty diapers per day.
  • Support your supply. If baby isn’t drinking from you or draining you well, or you are supplementing with formula, make friends with your pump!  Pump EVERY TIME the baby gets fed. 
  • Enjoy your baby!  The most important thing for you is to bond with your baby!  This is why skin to skin is so helpful- it not only helps with latching and feeding but it gives you bonding time.  (It is good for lots of other things as well, like temperature regulation and hormone production.)

Hang in there- your appointment is coming soon and we will address the problems you are having and work on moving toward meeting your breastfeeding goals!

Bonding with your baby is so important! (love this photo, courtesy of http://www.lemandjune.com)

Do you take insurance?

I am not in network with any insurance companies. I will provide you with a super bill with your charges and payments and the codes for the visit. You can turn in to your insurance company for direct reimbursement from them. You can call your insurance to see what their out of network lactation coverage covers. A few insurance companies may provide you with a form for me to fill out and I am happy to do that. Please let me know if you have any questions!