WHAT ABOUT INSURANCE? We now participate with The Lactation Network to facilitate insurance coverage on our services. Please visit our scheduling page for more information regarding insurance coverage approval through The Lactation Network site before scheduling an appointment. Insurance plans providing insurance coverage include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Sigma & other PPO plans. Only PPO plans provide coverage for our services at this time.

We still offer a self-pay system as well. Rather than working with insurance companies directly, we believe in our holistic approach with clients and want to continue to do what is best in each situation & operate on a more personal level. For those interested in reimbursement, we will provide a super bill outlining your services, payments and the codes for the visit. The rest is up to you!

Call your insurance company regarding what is covered through out of network lactation coverage. Some companies require you to submit the super bill for direct reimbursement from them. A few insurance companies provide you with a form for your consultant to fill out and we are happy to do that.

If making this investment is an issue for you, please contact us to discuss options.

DO I HAVE TO CALL TO SCHEDULE? We utilize Acuity Scheduling as our scheduling system. This allows flexibility for new and exhausted parents to easily schedule at their convenience. Additionally, you can look at the dates/times available and select what works for you and your family.

Schedule from our website on our Lactation Services page or Schedule Here. Select your appointment type first. If you’re a new client, please select the Virtual Visit. After you’ve met virtually with a consultant and discussed your needs and expectations, follow-up appointments will be scheduled and are typically done in our offices at The Speech Network at 110 Dennis Drive, Lexington, KY, 40503 or Oasis, across the street, at 109 Dennis Drive.

WAIT, AM I SCHEDULED? Occasionally, technology proves to be more foe than friend. If you expect a confirmation email and don’t receive it (and you should), get kicked off a certain page of our site or the scheduling site, or have any other issues, please send an email to lactationcarewithelizabeth@gmail.com or call (859) 832-0203.

Typically, you select an appointment. Then you create an account. You will select your date and time, and the available consultant at those times. You will enter credit card information to secure your initial appointment. Once you have submitted everything, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to intake forms and consent documentation. PLEASE FILL THESE OUT! You will complete these intake forms via our charting system, usually via app, called Mobile Lactation Consultant.

HOW TO PAY? If you are relying on The Lactation Network Insurance Coverage, you are only required to provide a credit card number to be saved on file. Payment will be completed through approved insurance coverage. Self-pay clients pay in advance for the first intake appointment. Follow-up appointments are paid at time of service. Cash, check, credit card, or HSA/FSA funds are all accepted.

In the case you don’t schedule the appointment yourself, or for some reason a new card number needs to be saved to your file, you can input this information via your reminder email from our scheduling system. Simply select the Change Appointment button, then select the Pay button. You can enter your payment information here. For virtual appointments, if payment hasn’t been made within 24 hours of scheduling the appointment, we will release the appointment. Our services are fairly time sensitive and we want to be available to those needing support.

DO I SCHEDULE THE APPOINTMENT TO OCCUR DURING A FEEDING? We will work around you and baby. If baby is sleeping, we will chat and complete intake questions. If baby is ready to eat, we will of course accommodate as well.

HOW DO WE DO THIS VIRTUALLY? You stay in your pj’s! It is helpful to have someone else available for camera work during virtual appointments. We can address any questions you may have. Weighted feedings and more personal and hands-on support is available with in person appointments. You will be sent a link to Google set, a HIPPA compliant platform the day of the appointment.

WHAT DO I NEED FOR THE APPOINTMENT? Please bring anything you are using to help feed baby at the time, like pillows, shields, pumps and so forth. You will fill out the intake information and sign consent documents ahead of time via the link sent in your confirmation email.

WHO AM I SEEING? At Lactation Care with Elizabeth, we operate as a team. Each consultant is an IBCLC and we find that a team approach allows options to meet many needs. We can get clients in to be helped with more availability and flexibility in scheduling. With various consultants, we can do virtual or in-person, daytime, and some evening and weekend appointments. Read more about our team on the Meet The Team page of our website.

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? We see clients at The Speech Network building as well as Oasis across the street. Our Richmond visits take place at Sunset Chiropractic. In the day of flexible workspaces, we find this allows us to better support clients. You will receive information about address and location in the confirmation emails for your appointment.