Resources & Breastfeeding Help

Lexington Resources (and surrounding areas):

Integral Integrity Katie Stewart for infant massage and cranial-sacral therapy [at our Oasis location on Dennis Drive]

Centered Lauren Higdon for infant massage and cranial-sacral therapy, as well as The Milk Bank for donations

The Speech Network For infant suck training

KORT Physical Therapy with Jordon Redmon, treating pelvic pain and clogged ducts

Sustaining Health Acupuncture

Triple Crown Chiropractic with Dr. Jenny & Dr. Ebony

Central Kentucky Chiropractic with Dr. Ansley Turner

Serendipity Dental for laser tongue tie revision in Lexington with Dr. Ashley Tynan

Pediatric Dentistry of Hamburg for laser tongue tie revision in Lexington with Dr. Amy Luley

La Leche League Breastfeeding support group

The Mindful Mama for mental health care

The Postpartum Adjustment Center with Dr. Colby Cohen-Archer for mental health care for postpartum depression, anxiety & sleep disorders

Willow Creek Counseling Center with Jenny Frye, a Marriage & Family Therapy Associate, for mental health care, postpartum depression & anxiety

Online Resources:

Kellymom For evidence based breastfeeding information

Dr. Jack Newman All Purpose Nipple Ointment, videos on latching and good drinking

Dr. Ghaheri Information on tongue ties

Dr. Newman For information on ties and aftercare video

Lactmed For information on medications and breastfeeding

Infant Risk Center For information on medications and breastfeeding

Julia’s Way For breastfeeding with Down’s Syndrome

Elizabeth is very calm, encouraging and supportive. She explains things thoroughly and makes you feel comfortable.

We have found Ashley to be VERY helpful and we are thankful for her contribution to our breastfeeding journey. We always feel very heard by her and she does an amazing job of helping to educate us.

Customer Feedback, December 2021