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Elizabeth is a true God send for a first time Momma and baby! We would not be where we are now without her. She helped me with so many things even outside of our breast feeding journey. I am thankful to have her guidance. Not only does she truly care about her clients, she is a mentor and friend. Sophia was born 4 weeks early and was tongue, lip and cheek tied. We had major issues with staying latched. We worked through it all and are in a much better place than when we started in April. Not only are her dad and I thankful and more informed but so is our baby! Blessed to have Elizabeth be a huge part of our journey. I highly recommend seeing her even before your baby is born.

Danielle Louise Hadden, June 2021

Schedule through Acuity Scheduling.

Need help with any and all things breastfeeding- position, latch, milk supply, prenatal visits, pumping/flange assessment, weaning, and relactation?

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before a scheduled appointment will be charged the full appointment fee with the exception of illness; please contact Morgan or your IBCLC to reschedule.


Virtual 30 Minute Consult– 30 minutes for $60. Please schedule this for all initial appointments (unless you have a tiny short question and aren’t planning on doing an in person visit.) We will review your birth and breastfeeding experience and get you set up for your in-person visit..) We will meet on, a HIPAA compliant video platform. Sign up here: Virtual Consult

Virtual Mini Consult– 15 minutes for $30. Have a short question? Need to check to see if you need a longer visit? This is a perfect way to get support for your breastfeeding needs! We will meet on, a HIPAA compliant video platform. Sign up here: Mini virtual consult

Virtual Prenatal Visit– 45 minutes for $90. A private prenatal breastfeeding class to answer all of your questions and help you make a plan for breastfeeding success for your situation. Schedule around 32 weeks of pregnancy. Sign up here: Prenatal Visit

All virtual visits must be paid in full at the time of scheduling the appointment. In the case of your appointment being made via phone or you don’t have mode of payment available at time of scheduling, payment information must be entered to our system within 24 hours of scheduling the appointment or the appointment will be released. See FAQ page for more information on how to pay.

Schedule through Acuity Scheduling.


Follow-up Office Visits– 60 minutes for $120. Please schedule this only after we have had an initial virtual visit! Office visits are for established clients and will include weighted feeds, oral assessment of your baby, and an updated care plan. Schedule here.

  • Elizabeth is seeing families at Oasis 109 Dennis Drive (across from The Speech Network. Please park in the back and come in the IN door.)
  • Ashley is seeing families at The Speech Network 110 Dennis Drive (Please park in the back and text her to let you know you have arrived.)
  • Ashlee is currently doing virtual visits.

Schedule through Acuity Scheduling.


Breastfeeding 102 : Back to Work – Join a certified IBCLC, and working mom, to plan and prepare now. Ask questions, check your latch, maximize your pumping efforts and get tips for including bottles or other caretakers in your feeding process. 

SEPTEMBER 5, 2021 @ 2pm at Oasis [109 Dennis Drive, Lexington, KY] REGISTER ONLINE HERE


Diagnosed ties? Structural problems? Elizabeth is TOTS trained!

I am TOTS Trained!

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before a scheduled appointment or no show appointments will be charged the cost of the appointment. (Exception for illness of you or baby: we will reschedule when everyone is germ free! Please contact Morgan or your IBCLC.)

Email with any questions about scheduling or call at 859.832.0203