Lactation Services

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**If you have a new baby, I want to see you as soon as possible! Please email ( or call me (859-351-1032) so we can schedule, even if it looks like there isn’t an opening showing on Acuity!  Evening and weekend times available by request!**

**If none of the available appointments work with your schedule (new baby or not as new!), please contact me and we will find a time that works for you! (

Office Visits (at The Speech Network 110 Dennis Drive – Lexington, KY 40503)

Initial Consult (75 minutes)          $125

Follow Up (45 minutes)                 $ 75

Additional Baby (for multiples)   $ 50

Prenatal Consult (45 minutes)    $ 75

Home Visits at your Lexington home (contact for availability outside of Lexington)

Initial Consult (90 minutes)          $175

Follow Up (45-60 minutes)                 $125

Additional Baby (for multiples)  $ 50

How to Pay: Cash, check, or credit card (pay with Square.)

What to expect:

A consult includes birth and breastfeeding history, examination of the baby’s mouth and sucking, pre- and post-feed weight, assessment of breasts, assessment of a feeding, then making a plan and referrals as needed. A reasonable amount of follow up phone calls are included in pricing.

Support people are welcome! Please bring your significant other, grandmother, or whomever is helping you breastfeed, so they can also learn how to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

Breastfeeding Classes at The Family Center in Wilmore
Schedule here:

Lactation Conversations with Elizabeth: An hour of discussion on topics relevant to pregnant and breastfeeding moms, with time for questions and baby weights. $15. DATES in Wilmore: April 16. 6:30-7:30pm.

Breastfeeding Classes at The Speech Network in Lexington (110 Dennis Drive)
Schedule here:

Milk Parties: We are very excited to be offering our infant feeding support group “The Milk Party” at The Speech Network in Lexington. This class will consist of supports from infant feeding therapist, Amanda Chastain, MA, CCC-SLP, COM & lactation consultant, Elizabeth Stapleton, IBCLC. We welcome families of littles who are breast and bottle feeding to join us for an hour filled with individual attention to support a deeper latch, better transfer, and improve function. Weight checks included! Day and evening sessions at The Speech Network: October 16 at noon, October 28 at 5:30, November 15 at 11:30, December 2 at 5:30, December 13 at 11:30. $25. Click here to schedule and evening Milk Party: Click here to schedule a daytime Milk Party:

PRIVATE CLASSES AVAILABLE: Call for pricing and to schedule a custom time!

Breastfeeding 101: The Basics- Learn the essentials to get the best start breastfeeding in this two hour class! Topics include hunger cues, latching, positioning, how to tell if your baby is eating enough, common pitfalls, and when to get help. Support people welcome! $25. DATES: 7-9pm.

Breastfeeding 102: Returning to Work- Going back to work? Leaving baby and maintaining supply can be challenging! Learn how to pump, maintain your supply, and transition baby between breast and bottle in this 90 minute class. Take this prenatally or bring your newborn! This class gives individual attention to each participant, providing you with a plan for success! $25.

Breastfeeding 201: Breastfeeding after 12 months isn’t talked about much, but you and your baby continue to benefit from the breastfeeding relationship! Learn strategies for extended breastfeeding and natural weaning! Partners and babies welcome! $25. DATES: Will schedule per demand! Please let me know if you are interested.   Babies welcome.

Mama Support Group: Come meet other moms, some weeks with guest speakers, selected topics. $5. At The Speech Network. June 5, June 19, July 3, July 17, July 31. 1-1:50.

Working Mom Support Group: Come on a Saturday morning to meet other working moms and gain support for balancing breast, bottles, and pumping. $5 at The Speech Network.