The Milk Bank at Lactation Care with Elizabeth

Milk Express

Lactation Care with Elizabeth is pleased to have in-stock breastmilk already processed by The Milk Bank and ready to be dispensed to clients with proper paperwork from The Milk Bank. Contact us to schedule a pick-up time.

“The Milk Bank’s Milk Express program has the unique ability to provide families in our communities with a readily available source of safe donor milk. Quick access to donor milk gives parents peace of mind. The Milk Bank provides safe donor milk as a medical treatment, to bridge a gap or to help meet breastfeeding goals.” –

You may purchase up to 40 ounces of donor milk without a prescription. If additional donor milk is desired please contact The Milk Bank at 317-536-1670.

Lactation Care with Elizabeth serves as a drop-off point for donors who have been approved by The Milk Bank through their rigorous Donor Approval process. Contact us to schedule a drop-off time and we handle the storage and shipping logistics for you.

Milk Depot

“A milk depot is a convenient, community-based collection site for approved milk donors to drop off their donated breast milk. Once collected, the donations are sent to The Milk Bank to undergo our safety protocols before being dispensed to a hospital or family with a prescription.” –

For more information, to ask questions, or to schedule drop-off or pick-up, please call us at 859.832.0203 or email

Want to learn more? Check out the process & guidelines here.